When to Use a Flanged Pipe Fitting?

Flanged Pipe Fitting

Piping is an essential component of many industrial applications. In particular, understanding when and how to use flange pipe fittings is critical to ensure the successful operation of various piping systems. Flanged pipe fittings are widely used in high-pressure hydraulic applications. However, you must understand what it is and when it should be used to achieve optimal results.

In this blog post, we will discuss when a flanged pipe fitting should be employed and why they are essential parts of your piping system. Ensure the success of your projects with our short guide.

What is a Flange Pipe Fitting?

A flange pipe fitting is one of the most widely used pipe fittings in industry applications. These piping components are equipped with a flange, which is used to mechanically connect pipes to another pipe section and other fluid control products, such as a valve, tee, or pump.

Types of flanges:

  • Blind flanges
  • Lap joint flanges
  • Slip-on flanges
  • Socket weld flanges
  • Threaded flanges
  • Welding neck flanges

Depending on the pipe’s mechanisms, it can also be threaded, welded, and chemically adhered to ensure a secure and tight seal. These fittings are available in rectangular, square, and round shapes, and are made of different materials, but aluminum is the most common.

Aluminum pipe flange fittings have high resistance against corrosion and are lighter than other materials, making them a top choice for most industrial applications. Other common materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.

Benefits of Flanged Pipe Fittings

Flange pipe fittings have multiple uses and applications due to the benefits they offer to the piping system. For instance, larger OD applications can benefit from these fittings than adapters or threaded fittings because they can connect easily to the pipe and its component ports.

Below are more of its advantages:

  • Easier to install with a moderate torque in tight spaces
  • Used in hard-to-reach places and eliminates the use of other components
  • Makes connections for easier maintenance in rigid lines
  • Decreases the chances of loose components during rigorous hydraulic applications
  • Ideal in pipe, tube, or extended hose connections exposed to high pressure, pressure changes, vibration, and impact.

These benefits are due to the fitting’s performance features and functionalities. It’s easy to assemble and durable, making it the best option when facing high-pressure challenges.

The Right Time to Use a Flange Pipe Fitting

Flanged pipe fittings are typically used in applications that encounter exceptionally high pressures when using pipe or tubing with an OD over 7 or 8 inches. These pipe fittings allow for a more straightforward installation than large ones.

Additionally, a flange pipe fitting has zero clearance assembly and can easily be disassembled for maintenance purposes where the system needs to be inspected, cleaned, or modified. Therefore, instead of accomplishing the proper torque of a large fitting, a more precise torque of the bolts is achieved. Also, the maintenance becomes quicker with the use of a flange pipe fitting.

Proper Usage of Flanged Pipe Fittings for Efficient Operations

High-pressure applications rely on flange pipe fittings due to their secure mechanical connection, which ensures that the pressure will not loosen the connection and cause leakage even in rigorous conditions. These are highly recommended in installations where constant maintenance is necessary because they can withstand harsh environments.

Finding a reliable source of flanges and flanged pipe fittings is necessary for superior results. Fortunately, Latrobe Foundation is a trusted manufacturer of these products. We offer a wide range of high-quality flange pipe fittings designed to meet industry standards, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

Contact us today if you want to know more about our products or request a quote for a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs! We can customize a flange pipe fitting that will adhere to your project requirements.

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